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I have been thinking of making a weekly planner for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until I started thinking about next year that I decided it was time.  I’m trying to get on top of my organizational skills and get this whole homeschooling thing under control before we have our fourth baby next year.  While I do have it planned out so that we will end our school year a little early, I still want to get chores assigned to particular days as well as little family outings and activities.  What’s better than a simple weekly planner for that?

I plan to list daily chores and regular weekly activities and events (church, for example) and keep this one paper on the side of the refrigerator.  You can print this off as many times as you’d like, and even use a new one each week for your curriculum planning or housework or whatever else you’ve got going on.  Things are chaotic around here and I could really use a basic guide for my week!  Print a second one for a weekly meal plan and add your shopping list in the right side Notes space.

For the Quotes space, you can add a Bible verse for the week or jot down something funny your kids said.  Get creative!

If you’re using a weekly planner like this to track your homeschool curriculum progress or attendance days, pop a few holes in the left side and keep them in a binder!  If you’re planning chores for your kids, give them a sticker to put next to each chore they’ve completed.

The link to download is directly under each picture.  These are sized to print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Download the free Confetti Dot Weekly Planner printable by clicking HERE!

I also wanted to make an alternative design, so here’s a stars version of the same planner.

Download the free Stars Weekly Planner printable by clicking HERE!

Sigh… I still haven’t replaced the ink cartridges in my printer so again, I must wait to print these for myself!


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