Weekly Homeschool Attendance & Chore Sheets (with flamingos!)

Let’s hope I spelled that right.  Flamingos… flamingoes… auto correct doesn’t seem to care to notify me which is correct.  I’m 99% sure it’s the first one, and 95% sure it doesn’t really matter.  😉

Anyway… I made these cuties maybe 6 months ago since hello, I started homeschooling(ish… we’ll talk about that later).  I won’t blab about these for long because it’s pretty self-explanatory once you download it.  Print one out each week that you homeschool and mark attendance for up to five children.


Download these Printable Attendance Record Sheets HERE.

Keep reading for the chore sheets!

Creative ways to mark attendance for young kids:

-have each child put a sticker in the box for each day they participate in homeschooling activities

-have the child draw a star themselves

-once they can write, have them “sign” their name each day in the box

Alright, so maybe that wasn’t so creative.  But if you’re new, every little idea helps.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking everything has to be done a particular way.  As long as you’re meeting state requirements and keeping your sanity, that’s all that matters!

Now on to the chore sheets.  These can be used for kids whether they’re homeschooled, publicly schooled or privately schooled.  If your child has chores (and they should, if they’re school-aged) these sheets are for you!

Download these Weekly Chore Sheets HERE.

Fill out the chores along the top of the sheet and put a check for each day it is completed.  You can use stickers, initials and so on for this also.  For multiple kids, have each one place a check in the same box if they’re completing the same chore (making beds, for example).

Cute printables make everything more fun, even chores!  I even have a chore sheet printed off for myself so I can keep some structure to my week.  No shame in my game 🙂

Hope you find these useful and that your New Year has been great so far!


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