Banana Split РBlock 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL Raw Edge Appliqué

Finally, finally, finally! ¬†I can finally share block 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL. ¬†Banana Split is the theme this (last) week, and I worked so hard to get it published before now. ¬†BUT I ended up having to buy a new sewing machine which wasn’t in the plans for this month. ¬†I worked really … Read More

Popsicles- Block 6 for the Sweet Treats QAL (beginner-friendly raw edge appliqué blocks)

Woohoo! ¬†We’re halfway through the Sweet Treats QAL with block 6, the popsicles block. ¬†With their size it seems to also be appropriate to call them suckers or lollipops (depending on where you’re from, I guess) but either way these are quick and easy. ¬†You can choose a rainbow of colors and use up lots … Read More

Blueberry Pie for the Sweet Treats QAL – Block 5

Hey everyone! ¬†I hope your week went well. ¬†TGIF, right?! ¬†This week’s block is simple and cute, with options to add a little extra frill if you’re in the mood for some hand embroidery. ¬†As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t find the extra time while trying to finish up two crochet projects, … Read More

Block 2: Soda Shop Milk Shakes for the Sweet Treats QAL

Ah, the nostalgia of an old soda shop! ¬†Who doesn’t love even just imagining being there, way back when. ¬†It’s too bad our society has moved away from a lifestyle with room for things like that. ¬†The checkered floors, old radio, tall bar stools topped with red leather cushions. ¬†My love for the idea is … Read More