Why Dropbox? Let me tell you!

If you’ve snooped around my blog for very long, you’ve noticed I use Dropbox for all my PDF patterns, printable art and faith worksheets. ¬†This won’t be a long post, but I hope it answers the questions I get ūüôā Dropbox is free. ¬†It makes my life simple when I’m trying to share my stuff … Read More

Pretty Little Petals Mini Quilt Pattern

Hey all. ¬†I look forward to the day I finally have all my old stuff posted here so I can move on to some new stuff! ¬†I’m stuck on the couch after a long day of destashing again on my Instagram destash account. ¬†I’ve listed everything I had except two works in progress, one fat … Read More

Tutorial: Upcycle PJ Pants into a Winter Infinity Scarf!

Moved from my very first ever blog is my first ever blog post! ¬†This is one of my favorite tutorials ever. ¬†Have fun¬†up cycling! ¬†You’ll have to forgive the cruddy pictures and the cutting mat, we used it for all sorts of crafts, too! A couple weeks ago my friend gave me some clothes she … Read More

Simple Rainbow Baby Quilt Top Tutorial

Hey there! ¬†I’ve been wanting to put this tutorial up for a while¬†but I always seem to forget to write it up when I do have time and remember it when I don’t. ¬†Surprising, right? ¬†That’s life with three kids. ¬†ūüôā As with all my tutorials, you MAY use this to create a handmade item … Read More

Starry Sky Block (get the pattern here!)

UPDATE: ¬†Download the new, easier-to-read version of the Starry Sky pattern below! The Starry Sky block has hopped around and eventually fell off the face of the web. ¬†Now that I have finally settled into my new blogging home, I can safely (and freely) offer it to you here. ¬†It’s been long anticipated and I’ve … Read More