Weekly Homeschool Attendance & Chore Sheets (with flamingos!)

Let’s hope I spelled that right.  Flamingos… flamingoes… auto correct doesn’t seem to care to notify me which is correct.  I’m 99% sure it’s the first one, and 95% sure it doesn’t really matter.  😉 Anyway… I made these cuties maybe 6 months ago since hello, I started homeschooling(ish… we’ll talk about that later).  I won’t … Read More

Why Dropbox? Let me tell you!

If you’ve snooped around my blog for very long, you’ve noticed I use Dropbox for all my PDF patterns, printable art and faith worksheets.  This won’t be a long post, but I hope it answers the questions I get 🙂 Dropbox is free.  It makes my life simple when I’m trying to share my stuff … Read More

Pretty Little Petals Mini Quilt Pattern

Hey all.  I look forward to the day I finally have all my old stuff posted here so I can move on to some new stuff!  I’m stuck on the couch after a long day of destashing again on my Instagram destash account.  I’ve listed everything I had except two works in progress, one fat … Read More

Tutorial: Upcycle PJ Pants into a Winter Infinity Scarf!

Moved from my very first ever blog is my first ever blog post!  This is one of my favorite tutorials ever.  Have fun up cycling!  You’ll have to forgive the cruddy pictures and the cutting mat, we used it for all sorts of crafts, too! A couple weeks ago my friend gave me some clothes she … Read More

Weekly Planner Printables

I have been thinking of making a weekly planner for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until I started thinking about next year that I decided it was time.  I’m trying to get on top of my organizational skills and get this whole homeschooling thing under control before we have our fourth baby next … Read More