#SweetTreatsQAL: Information & Fabric Requirements

I’m so excited to finally share with you what I have been working so hard on.  Drumroll, please… This Friday, I’ll be starting the #SweetTreatsQAL!  I hope you join me for some simple, quick and super cute quilty fun.


It all started with a pair of undies.  Yep, my 5 year old daughter, Oakley’s undies to be exact.  A pair she has had a little too long but they’re her favorites, so what can a mom do?  (You know, aside from make them disappear in the middle of the night……..)

Anyway, she has these cute ice cream undies that made me think about a cute ice cream quilt block.  So I sketched up something a bit more interesting, topped it with a cherry and grabbed some Heat-N-Bond.  Woohoo!

Although this isn’t your typical back story on a quilt-along, it is going to make for some serious fun over the next 12 weeks.  (P.S. I’m way ahead of you and oh so tempted to post pics!  But I won’t.)  With each weekly block post I will give you a hint of what’s waiting for you in the next week 🙂

The Basics

  • Every Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. EST  I will post the new block.  Please subscribe to my blog by email in the right sidebar so that you do not miss out.  We will be making a total of 12 blocks over the course of 12 weeks.  Mine will be finished way ahead of time and I just might eventually post a sneakity peek or two if you’re lucky 😉
  • Every block will be a sweet treat, hence the name Sweet Treats QAL!
  • This Friday’s post will be a bit more in-depth than the rest since every block is raw-edge appliqué and the techniques will usually be the same.
  • Each week I’ll write a post that includes pics and any necessary additional information to complete the block.
  • This is a free quilt-along, however I still ask that you do not share my pattern downloads.  Please send your friends to my site to get them started!  I work hard to make these tutorials and templates so that I can share them right here with you.
  • Tag your Instagram pictures with #SweetTreatsQAL I would love to see everything from fabric pulls, cut pieces and of course, a finished block!  At the end of this QAL, there will be a prize drawing for participants (even those who are not finished are going to be entered).  I haven’t quite decided on a prize, but it’ll be gooooood 😉

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Fabric Requirements

For this quilt, you will need the following:

1.5 Yards Background Fabric (or 12 total 12″ squares)

Scraps for the Blocks (use what you’ve got!)

Black Thread (Don’t tell anyone… but I sent my husband to Wal-Mart for some emergency black thread and he came back with navy blue/black.  My sweet husband actually does things like this for me with no gripes, so there’s no way I’m going to make him feel bad!  🙂 Who can tell, anyway?)

Heat-N-Bond Sewable do not buy the no-sew!  Mine came in a 5.25 yard package, you won’t need more than that.  Find some HERE!

Wax Paper optional, only needed if you’re going to break the rules on the Heat-N-Bond package like I do.

Starch also optional

Embroidery thread I will be using 6-strand DMC floss in 3824 (peachy pink) and 310 (black) for the majority of this quilt.  Feel free to use any color you like or skip it completely if that’s your style.  I will also be separating one strand from the group of six to create a less bulky set of stitches.  This will mean your embroidery is less likely to snag and be pulled loose while your quilt is being washed and loved.

Sewing machine, scissors, iron, yada yada yada.  You know the drill.

Sashing and border requirements will be posted at a later date.  Multiple options will be discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the pattern exactly?  This is your quilt.  If you want to get whacky with it, then please do!  Make something you love and you’ll have the most fun.  If you want to add glasses to one of the faces, go for it.  If you don’t want any faces at all, leave them out.  If you want to give one of the ice cream scoops in week one a funky fro, have at it.  Anything goes here!

Can I use one of these blocks in a quilting bee or block swap?  Umm, yes!  All I require is that you share my website/post link and NOT the download.

Can I make a mini quilt for a swap from these patterns?  Of course!

Can I make handmade products to sell from these patterns?  If you’re interested in making handmade items to sell from these patterns, please send an email to aperseveringmom@gmail.com so we can talk!  I promise I don’t bite (or send mean emails).

Don’t forget to subscribe and grab a button at the right sidebar near the top!  Copy and paste onto your own blog.

Get your supplies together, I’ll see you this Friday!

xoxo — Kylie

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  1. Oh their is really sweet (literally) I think I’ll give this one a go, even though I wasn’t going to start anything new!!!

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