StartupCamp – A Year Committed to Making Our Business Dreams Happen

This girl has always had dreams.  Dreams and lots of ideas and passions that have come and gone.  And that means I’ve wasted a lot of time chasing after things I thought I wanted but really didn’t, and chasing after the things I truly did want in all the wrong ways.  This year, my husband and I decided that if we are going to do this, we must do it right; and that’s where StartupCamp came in.

I’ve been a fan of Dale Partridge’s work for a couple years now and really enjoy following his Instagram account where he posts daily food for thought (search the hashtag #daleywisdom).  He is an entrepreneurial role model and a great influence on young men today.  He has written several books, one of which my husband and I read together through the month of January called 21 Days To Finding Your Calling.  Yes, we had the for him/for her set and usually sat silently together, reading in the early morning before discussing the topic of the day and it’s following questions.  Many of the quotes included in the book were just awesome; total game-changers for the way we had previously been thinking.

Once we finished our 21 days, we really felt ready to start moving forward with our dreams and not just doing something to make them happen, but doing the right things.  I got an email soon after advertising a free class Dale was putting on, so naturally I signed my husband up and sat beside him while we took in all the information we could.  When it was over, we sat in silence for a while before I prodded at him to tell me what he was thinking… just say something, honey!  Honestly, he wasn’t ready.  He is the calculated logical thinker who never does anything impulsively and always weighs his options heavily before moving forward with anything.  I’m talking data sheets, projected costs/income/supplies needed, you name it, he has it in his equation.  No emotional attachment either way, just whichever option works best.  I, however, am just the opposite.  Surprise, right?  So I continued dreaming and listening to podcasts while he was at work and prayed that God would prepare his heart if this was what He wanted for us.

You see, my dream has always been for us to have a business together.  Together is my favorite word 🙂  My husband, Trevor, is my favorite guy in the world.  He’s my best friend and the only person who has ever known me so deeply.  If I said he “gets me” I’d be lying, honest to God we don’t quite get each other and our sixth anniversary is on its way this year.  We don’t get each other and if we did, well, we wouldn’t be as fun.  So anyway, he knows me but doesn’t “get me” in ways.  He knows what I will probably do in certain situations (and by certain I mean certain, because like I said, I’m spontaneous, impulsive, emotionally-driven and he is just the opposite) but he doesn’t quite understand why, I’m sure.  Just like I don’t quite understand why he can’t just take the leap and do something crazy… but we can count on each other to bring balance to our process and that’s exactly what we need.

The next evening after listening to a really great podcast by Dale Partridge, I asked Trevor listen to it, too, hoping he would be influenced in a positive way and desire to know more about starting a business.  To my surprise, it happened.  All the sudden, he was asking me what I thought we should do to get started.  Of course, he had to examine my suggestion thoroughly and listen to the intro without anyone else around (umm… well, I won’t deny that I’m chatty so I excuse myself from the room when needed).  As soon as the intro was over, he was in.

Seriously?!  It was all the sudden happening, after years of me talking in one ear and out the other at him.  Instead of an “oh, yeah, that’s a nice idea” and a quick bee line for the bathroom or garage.  So we made the leap and signed up for StartupCamp.  If you take one of Dale’s free monthly classes, you’ll receive a deal on the full class so I highly recommend it!  We are on the monthly plan, which means we can’t work ahead, but you can definitely pay the full amount upfront and work at your own pace.  We are okay with the monthly pace because someone… okay, I… have a tendency to go 200% after something until I am completely burnt out.  A struggle I am tackling this year, for sure!

Month one was simple but awesome.  We were required to read REWORK by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson which was hilarious to my husband, who actually read the whole thing aloud while I messed with my Etsy shop logo.  We finished the book in two evenings and Trevor was eager to start reading something else, so I dug through a stack of business-related books I bought a few years ago from Dave Ramsey’s website… ya know, while skipping my college classes.  Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander was short and supposed to be funny, though I never read it to find out for myself.  Trevor snatched it up and read it aloud, too.  He thought it was funny and I enjoyed listening to him read.  We were determined to rid our lives of all our “cow” mannerisms and charge after things we want with purpose.  We wrote up our business ideas, our vision and mission statements.  We considered charities we would like to contribute to and I learned something about my husband that I didn’t know before:  He really wants to find a way to help the homeless.  I’ve always dreamed of having a prison ministry and donating to programs like Hope for Justice.  We signed our commitment papers and anxiously awaited the next month’s materials!

While we waited, Trevor began reading a book on money by Dave Ramsey and I ordered 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz.  We were finally charged last night for month 2 (yay!) and my 5 habits book arrived today from Amazon.  Since Trevor works so much this week, it’s a great opportunity to get my reading done while I wait for him to be home so we can get started on this month’s tasks for StartupCamp.  Of course, you’ll be hearing all about that when we are finished!

If you’d like to see Dale’s e-course StartupCamp, just click the link and you’ll be directed there!  I highly recommend it.

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