Star Struck Quilt Block Pattern 6″ & 12″ (and a guide for making the whole quilt!)

In case you don’t already know, star quilt blocks are my favorite quilt blocks.  Yep, it’s true.  I’ve been working slowly through so many other projects, including the Sweet Treats Quilt Along that I haven’t had much time to post all my old stuff here on my new blog.  So… no promises, but about once a week I’ll try and get an old pattern up!  Today I’m sharing my Star Struck block pattern and hopefully finding the better file of the Starry Sky as well (there are coloring pages for it, too!).  If you’d like to use this block in a BOM or Bee, swap or any other group, please read my FAQ on the Starry Sky block page.  All the same freedoms (and a couple rules) apply here. 🙂

Star Struck was designed to sort of “work” with Starry Sky in order to change it up but still have a cohesive look.  It can stand alone or be used with other blocks.  This block is simple and creates lots of movement within a pattern!  You can see the sample block I made above as well as some mockups below.


What’s In The Pattern?

  • an oversized twin quilt guide with fabric requirements
  • 6″ foundation paper piecing block templates
  • 12″ foundation paper piecing block templates
  • rotary cutting chart in case you don’t like FPP (gasp!)
  • full quilt and block coloring sheets so you can plan your project easily



My mockup skills were lacking pretty hard back in the day, so it’s really wonky but only because the picture I took was crooked!  (Yikes, I know).  If you look at it from your peripheral vision or from a distance, it isn’t too bad right?  You get the idea, though.


And of course, mixed with the Starry Sky block…  It’s too bad I didn’t think to coordinate the solids colors!

Star Struck and Starry Sky Foundation Paper Pieced Blocks A Persevering Mom


Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @aperseveringmom if you have a chance to make this block.  I love to see who others portray my designs!

Kylie 🙂

P.S.  Here’s a look at the block I will (hopefully) be sharing with you next week!  The Rising Star block, an English Paper Pieced pattern:

Rising Star Block English Paper Pieced with Hand Embroidery A Persevering Mom

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