Pretty Little Petals Mini Quilt Pattern

Hey all.  I look forward to the day I finally have all my old stuff posted here so I can move on to some new stuff!  I’m stuck on the couch after a long day of destashing again on my Instagram destash account.  I’ve listed everything I had except two works in progress, one fat quarter of a Liberty print I love and an FQ bundle of Sew & Sew by Chloe’s closet.  I’m so thankful for everyone who has purchased from my destash!  It was bittersweet.  My body is aching and cramping so much from constantly being on my feet today that it hurts even sitting on my comfy couch.  Being only (almost 19 weeks) along it’s hard to imagine how hard the coming weeks will be on busy days like this.  Pregnancy #5 is rough, but such a blessing.

A year ago, Michael Miller fabrics held a challenge where we all designed mini quilts and submitted them for a chance to win a huge bundle of all their solids and a copy of EQ7.  There were so many beautiful entries it was unreal.  The challenge was announced about a week and a half after I returned home from the hospital after miscarrying our sweet little Joshua at 18 weeks.  It was exactly what I needed in order to keep myself moving and not hide away in my room like I wanted to.  All my spare energy went into making this mini quilt.  I toyed with several designs before finally picking one that would test every skill I had when it came to quilt block piecing.  I wanted to give my everything to something beautiful.  Somehow this aching heart kept beating and my mind had another place to go in the evenings.  I searched for the perfect Michael Miller fabrics for the Pretty Little Petals mini quilt.  I fussy cut every single piece.  Everything was cut with full intention to showcase the print.  Even the background pieces.  This was definitely a challenging quilt.  That’s why I loved it.  The focus that was required was what kept me moving.  There was no slacking off and halfway trying.  It was all or nothing.  And I gave it my all.  I walked away with first place and it felt great.


I’m really glad to offer this pattern for free here, it’s a PDF with lots of pictures (mostly taken at night when the kids were asleep so they’re dark but still helpful).  If I remember right I added color planning pages.  All templates are t
here for the pattern and the finished size is 24″ by 24″.  I also included a single block 18″ version so you can give it a shot with larger pieces instead if you’d like.  This is a 17 page pattern!  Unfortunately the sponsor page no longer applies to one of the shops, but the 20% off coupon code IS still good for Vintage Fairytale Fabrics!  Please make good use of it 🙂  I hope you enjoy the challenge because hey, it’s hard work but it’s actually fun work.  And it leaves you with a stunning piece to hang on your wall and send off in a swap.

Download the PDF pattern HERE.

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