Neptune & The Mermaid by TokyoMilk for Free Spirit Fabrics

Free Spirit recently sent out an email to retailers about a new collection called Neptune & the Mermaid.  Although I’m no longer a retailer, I still enjoy the sneak peeks and excitement of up-and-coming fabric collections.  Early this year, though, a particular collection stole my attention right away:  Neptune & The Mermaid by TokyoMilk.

I’m all about bold color and beautiful, museum-worthy designs on fabric.  It’s such a cool thing to be able to grab a piece of each print in a fat quarter bundle and just spend time looking at all the little details of each one.  It never fails, I always find something I hadn’t noticed before each time that I look!  Neptune & the Mermaid is such a stunning collection of artwork that I just had to share, lots of up-close pictures included, of course!  If you’ve been eyeing this collection and haven’t been sure about it, then this is just what you’ve been hoping for.

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Neptune & the Mermaid by TokyoMilk for Free Spirit Fabrics

Fat Quarter Shop always packages their bundles beautifully!  It’s usually hard to bust into them, but not this time!  The fabric is just so stunning.  I couldn’t wait to check it all out!  🙂

Margot Elena is the woman behind the brand, managing not only the design work but also the marketing and business side of things.  If you haven’t, definitely check out her work because it is all ah-mazing!!

Click each picture to be taken to these products on the Fat Quarter Shop website!

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

This is my favorite print.  Is it hard to tell why?  The colors and images are breathtaking and the blue background makes it so rich.  I need more of this ASAP!  I love that the mermaids are beautiful without being sexy according to today’s false standards.

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

There are beta fish and gold fish all throughout this print.  I love it!  Betas are so beautiful but rarely highlighted in fabric design in America.  (At least as far as I’ve seen!)

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

There are two other color ways in this print, including the light blue:

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

And the cream:

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk A Persevering Mom Fat Quarter Shop

Now this one… This is my husband’s favorite print.  What?!  He actually said this was awesome, and I totally agree.  I need a duffle bag with one of these awesome octopi on it!

And my daughter’s favorite.  Such lovely colors in each one!

The retro swimmers are yet another one I love.  Their swim suits make me want to buy a serger and make one for myself!  They’re clinging to big, gorgeous flowers while fearlessly floating among giant beta fish.  Love it!

These waves prints would make a really cool beach tote!  We are going to the Indiana Dunes this summer and this would be such a fun project.

This is the first line in SO long that I’ve fallen in love with the border prints!  This would make a beautiful handkerchief or pillowcase.  I can’t get over these!

The next sets of prints are what I consider blenders for this line.  I usually don’t like blenders, but these are cute and far from boring.

These coral prints are interesting because in the different color ways, a different part of each one seems to stand as the background and foreground!

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyoMilk Fat Quarter Shop A Persevering Mom

And last but not least, this absolutely gorgeous floral border print!  No matter which side of the bolt you receive your fat quarter from, you’ll get a border.  That plum color is my favorite and I honestly wish it would have been used more in the line, but either way, this is my favorite one so far this year!  (That changes all the time; I’m easily impressed by a good design 😉 )


You can view Neptune & The Mermaid Beauty Products HERE.  The artwork is just as gorgeous on the beauty products as it is on the fabric!

Neptune & the Mermaid TokyMilk

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  1. Ma’am. Like most ‘fabric-holicis’, I have HUNDREDS of pieces of fabrics. I haven’t sewn for myself for years……I guess since patterns went up so high! By-the-time you buy all your patterns, fabric, supplies, you could BUY a ready-made outfit (and I KNOW they aren’t made as well, but definitely cheaper…..AND sometimes you just CAN’T find what you want, especially when you get to be MY size and age). I have been spending all my efforts on quilting and doll clothes. But, this is the CUTEST line of fabrics I have seen in a LONG time! Not too juvenile. Not too frilly. I LOVE them! I intend to make myself a sundress out of the yellow/blue octopus fabric. THANKS for being so creative! Keep up the GREAT work! Sincerely, Pat

    1. I’m looking for a good duffle bag pattern to make with the octopus fabric! I think I need a bolt of each. I do wish these came in lawn for a soft and light summery swim cover but maybe next time! I’ve been thinking about saving up for a serger because I’m so over buying clothes that don’t even last a whole season. I am frugal, so that’s part of it, but still! I’d rather give making my own a shot and see how it goes.

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