Matthew 6:25-26 Bible Verse 8 x 10″ Printable Download

Don’t worry.  Trust God.  It’s so easy to say and so difficult to actually implement in your life when things aren’t easy.  When they’re downright hard and maybe even scary.  I made this printable for those times when you have to read, read and re-read it to believe it.  It’s always a lovely scripture, but there are some times in life when it must be the song of your heart.

When you humble yourself and realize that it’s not in your hands- it’s in God’s- it’s freeing.  The chains of fear fall away and you can finally live without anxiety, without the feeling of failure.  God tells us in the Bible that we will face hardships.  Why, then, does it shock us every time?  Why does it send us into panic and depression?  God’s got an opportunity to do something awesome right in front of us but all we see is the mountain that stands between us and where we need to be.  All we can see are the chainswe are bound to.

If we change our perspective, we can trust that God is holding us in His hands.  If we can just realize that God leads us to mountains so that He can show us how surely He can move them we would have an entirely different mentality.  See that obstacle?  It’s nothing to God.  Find peace in the waiting, have faith in His promises.  Speak His word over your life and continue to take steps in faith while you’re standing still.

I’m writing this after a day of feeling defeated.  Fear for the future has crept into my life and stolen my peace and my rest; it’s stolen my joy.

I’m choosing to stop feeling defeated and to start having faith again.  Waiting is so hard, but God’s always going to take care of us.  If He cares about the silly little birds that flit around in the sky, doesn’t He care about His children?

You can download this printable reminder of God’s faithfulness to us HERE

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