Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial – Part 1: Piecing the Blocks

I snatched up this gorgeous Antique Flower in Pastel Jelly Roll from Vintage Fairytale Fabrics on Etsy during their 40% off sale, which is still going on!  Use the code NEWYEAR40 for 40% off your total purchase!

Lecien jelly rolls have 42 strips, whereas other companies like Moda, for example, only have 40.  This tutorial works for either!  You can see what jelly rolls are available for 40% off HERE.

Materials Needed for Part 1:

1 Jelly Roll

1/4 yard fabric for block centers

Thread, sewing machine, etc.

We will be making a total of 42 six inch finished quilt blocks for this quilt.  

Step 1:  Cut out 42 total 2.5 inch squares from the fabric for block centers.

Step 2:  Open one jelly roll strip, right side facing up.  Lay one 2.5 inch square right side down on top.  Sew along the right side with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  (see below)

Step 3:  Cut the excess jelly roll strip from the top and bottom.  Discard the selvedge piece and we will continue to work with the rest of the strip.

Step 4:  Press toward the newest piece you’ve added (the center will always be your beginning piece).  Press away from the center, toward the new piece as shown below.

Step 5:  Again, lay your jelly roll strip right side up and lay the piece you’ve just sewn right side down on top of it, aligning the edges with the top and sides of the jelly strip.  Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Trim away the excess jelly strip at the bottom and press toward the newest piece.

Step 6:  Sew the final side on repeating the same process.  Lay your strip right side up and the block right side down, sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, trim and press toward the newest piece.  Your block will look like this:

Repeat this process with each strip and block pair.  If you have a Moda or other company jelly roll that only has 40 strips, just reuse two of the excess strips from previous blocks for your final two blocks, for a total of 42 blocks.  Your blocks should measure about 6.5 inches unfinished.  Don’t worry if some (or all) aren’t perfect.  Practice makes perfect!  Or better, at least.  I’ve never made a perfect project!

In Part 2 we will talk setting these blocks on point!  This will add a lot of length and width to this quilt top and make it a great sized throw quilt.  I’ve got to have this thing totally finished by February 1 for my parents’ 25th Anniversary gift (okay, so maybe this is more for my mom since I don’t have guy-ish fabric), so Part 2 will be up soon!  Tomorrow will be cutting day.

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    I need to do my other block and post and link you. Your blog is so pretty! I tried doing work on mine today but I gave up. I wish I could afford to have someone make it awesome.

    1. Thanks, Staci! Love your blog too of course. I will be printing off the templates for the next few blocks soon. Thanks for being such a big help!

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