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After owning the book for nearly a year now, I’ve finally begun to make the Farmer’s Wife Quilt.  My friend Staci and I are quilting along together but choosing whatever block we like.  Each Saturday we will be posting the block we made during the week… some weeks we may not get to it and others we may make more than one.  Anyone is welcome to join in, it’s very laid back to fit our busy mama lifestyle.

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt

Inspiring letters from farm women of the Great Depression and 99 quilt blocks that honor them.

For this week, I decided to make the Doris block [29] found on page 90.  The design really stood out to me because I love stars.  I’m going with all Brenda Riddle fabrics for this quilt because I love the soft cottagey feel of her designs.  I want something light and beautiful.

With each block there is a letter that begins “Dear Editor”.  Each week I’ll include an excerpt of my favorite part of the letter.  This week, it’s pretty lengthy:

“When I see someone limping, too,

A bit worse than the way I do,

I think, ‘say, aren’t you grateful now,

That you walk fairly well, somehow?’

But as I further meditate,

I’m glad that God kept most folks straight,

So I can watch them go their way,

And try to stride like them someday.”

-Doris, Michigan – February 1933

It’s such a beautiful reminder to be grateful no matter my circumstances, because there’s always someone dealing with worse circumstances than I am.  When things are hard, we can look others and strive to better ourselves.

You can see Staci’s block HERE.  We’d love for you to join in, too!

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