Birthday Activity Sheets – A PDF Download for Kids!

My baby girl is turning 6 this month.  6!  I mean, how did six years go by so quickly?  She’s my little helper and a mama’s dream.  I’m so thankful for her sweet little heart of gold every single day!  Since she loves to color and do fun activity sheets, I threw together a quick … Read More

A Keepsake Afghan For Baby “E” and Daily Snippets

With my due date moving ever closer, I have been making a few things for Baby “E” instead of buying everything!  Burp cloths, changing table covers, snuggly blankets and finally a keepsake afghan.  Making isn’t always (ever?)  cheaper than buying, but it’s worth it to use up some of the supplies I already have and … Read More

Buck Head Plaid Printable Boys’ Decor

Hey all!  I drew this buck head plaid printable set for my boys’  room after making the buck head floral prints for the girls’ room.  Their room is in serious need of a makeover as well!  I’ll be updating the girls’ room printables tomorrow to have four coordinating color options and to be plaid as well, … Read More

You Are Loved Sweet One – Hedgehog Printable Nursery Decor

My kids and I think hedgehogs are adorable.  We almost got one as a “class pet” but it turns out they’re really expensive, at least around here.  We still love seeing an occasional picture of one and maybe someday we will have our own.  Maybe when the kids can take care of it themselves. Either … Read More

Weekly Homeschool Attendance & Chore Sheets (with flamingos!)

Let’s hope I spelled that right.  Flamingos… flamingoes… auto correct doesn’t seem to care to notify me which is correct.  I’m 99% sure it’s the first one, and 95% sure it doesn’t really matter.  😉 Anyway… I made these cuties maybe 6 months ago since hello, I started homeschooling(ish… we’ll talk about that later).  I won’t … Read More