Addition & Subtraction Practice With Beans (a fun way to learn!)

Visual and tactile learners often struggle with concepts that haven’t been demonstrated in a real-life way.  Being a visual/tactile learner myself, I know all about it.  My daughter, of course, takes after me in this way which means I have the opportunity to get creative with our learning all the time!  Today’s worksheet isn’t exactly … Read More

Weekly Homeschool Attendance & Chore Sheets (with flamingos!)

Let’s hope I spelled that right.  Flamingos… flamingoes… auto correct doesn’t seem to care to notify me which is correct.  I’m 99% sure it’s the first one, and 95% sure it doesn’t really matter.  😉 Anyway… I made these cuties maybe 6 months ago since hello, I started homeschooling(ish… we’ll talk about that later).  I won’t … Read More

Why Dropbox? Let me tell you!

If you’ve snooped around my blog for very long, you’ve noticed I use Dropbox for all my PDF patterns, printable art and faith worksheets.  This won’t be a long post, but I hope it answers the questions I get 🙂 Dropbox is free.  It makes my life simple when I’m trying to share my stuff … Read More

Buck Head Floral Printables

With baby number 4 on the way and time flying past quickly, it’s time to redecorate and rearrange our daughter’s room so it’s cool for two girls!  Rather than buying over-priced and cheaply made wall decor, I wanted to make a few things myself.  This buck head floral is the first of the bunch!  I’m … Read More

Weekly Planner Printables

I have been thinking of making a weekly planner for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until I started thinking about next year that I decided it was time.  I’m trying to get on top of my organizational skills and get this whole homeschooling thing under control before we have our fourth baby next … Read More