Buck Head Plaid Printable Boys’ Decor

Hey all!  I drew this buck head plaid printable set for my boys’  room after making the buck head floral prints for the girls’ room.  Their room is in serious need of a makeover as well!  I’ll be updating the girls’ room printables tomorrow to have four coordinating color options and to be plaid as well, but in girly colors and without flowers.  Anyway, I’ve got four different colors here for you to choose from and I love each of them equally much as the others!  Below are your options, and each is a separate download.

Dark gray, white, blue and red plaid are the colors I chose.  They’re shown in my mockup wooden frame.

They are suitable for printing on an 8 x 10 inch photo paper OR what I recommend, having them printed at a print shop or photo development center like CVS or Walmart.

Buck Head Plaid Printable Boys’ Decor

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Dark Gray print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the White print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Blue Print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Red Print HERE.

These colors are really great and my boys and husband like them, too!  I’m going to grab some cheap black frames and frame each one of these for their room.  Maybe have them matted as well, just depends on what strikes me at the time!  I’ll be printing these through Shutterfly.  I’d love to paint their a warm, rustic gray and replace the carpets in their room with something denser and softer.  My husband plans to build them a bunk bed this year and I would love to carry this theme throughout the room.  Our house has always been a mix of things that people bought for us when we to married and (mostly) things people gave to us that they didn’t want anymore!  How do you plan to use these printables?

Short and simple post today!  Have fun and start decorating with your new buck head plaid printable!  🙂

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