Block 2: Soda Shop Milk Shakes for the Sweet Treats QAL

Ah, the nostalgia of an old soda shop!  Who doesn’t love even just imagining being there, way back when.  It’s too bad our society has moved away from a lifestyle with room for things like that.  The checkered floors, old radio, tall bar stools topped with red leather cushions.  My love for the idea is what inspired Block 2: Soda Shop Milk Shakes for the Sweet Treats QAL.

As promised, the following posts won’t be as long because once you’ve finished Block 1 you know what’s up!  So let’s get started.  (Don’t forget to post to Instagram with the hashtag #sweettreatsQAL to be entered in the giveaway at the end of the quilt along!  Join the Facebook Group to see the upcoming block before anyone else).  🙂


  • Download the pattern HERE
  • 12 inch square background fabric
  • scraps for block pieces
  • Heat-N-Bond
  • black embroidery thread, one strand pulled from the set of 6
  • black thread for top stitching


Pick Fabric, Adhere to Heat-N-Bond and Cut Out

I chose to go with a typical ice cream theme: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.  You’ll notice I changed the fabric for the straws when I found some black and white stripe scraps.

Cut your fabric and don’t forget to trace the accents onto the cups for embroidery.  I forgot to do this and it was a pain to see through the fabric once the Heat-N-Bond and background is attached.

You can follow package directions for Heat-N-Bond; I find it easier to fussy cut and trace for embroidery if I do it this way, though.  Lay cut fabric pieces right side up on the Heat-N-Bond. Lay a piece of wax paper about 1/2″ larger than the space your fabric pieces take up over the top of it all and press carefully with your iron.

Do a Piece Check, Adhere to Fabric

Make sure everything is there, you should have the following:

  • 3 straws
  • 2 cherries
  • 1 strawberry
  • 3 whipped cream toppings
  • 3 cups
  • 3 cup bases

Once everything is layered right, attach to the background fabric with your iron.  Be careful that nothing shifts and gets whacky while you’re pressing by lifting directly up and moving to the next area without scooting across the fabric.  I turned my iron sideways and got all the fruit, straws and whipped topping at once since that was the area of most concern.  Unfortunately, the sewing machine I’m borrowing (mine quit on me after one month less than 2 years, NOT COOL!) had oil all over it and I didn’t get it all.  There are grease spots on my block, I’m hoping a Tide pen will help!  In the meantime, I’m borrowing my childhood sewing machine from my sister and saving up for a Juki.

I finally realized my embroidery lines were forgotten at this point… sheesh!  Add your hand embroidery now.  You can stitch this by machine if you’d like but I like the mix of sketched lines in the raw edge appliqué with the thicker, more uniform lines of the hand embroidery.  We’re almost done!  If you let the block cool completely it’s easier to get through the Heat-N-Bond.  I don’t use a hoop but I do give it a quick spray of starch, which will help the edges of the block stay in tact and not fray out.

I won’t say exactly what we think those little black embroidery stitches look like a trail of from up close but it makes my daughter Oakley and me laugh!  😉

Once you’ve finished with the embroidery details, your block is done!  I’ve got the cutest block model.

I’ll add previous blocks at the end of each post for anyone just now joining in.  Don’t forget to post to Instagram with the hashtag #sweettreatsQAL to be entered in the giveaway at the end of the quilt along!


Previous Blocks

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…and a sneak peek at next week’s block… any guesses?!

Happy sewing!


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