Banana Split – Block 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL Raw Edge Appliqué

Finally, finally, finally!  I can finally share block 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL.  Banana Split is the theme this (last) week, and I worked so hard to get it published before now.  BUT I ended up having to buy a new sewing machine which wasn’t in the plans for this month.  I worked really hard to have mine fixed but sadly, after 18 years together, my old Singer has been placed on the shelf in the basement.  I do plan to take it to another shop to see if another opinion can be had later this summer, but for now, a temporary (and super cute & affordable!) replacement will do!

This is a really cute block this week and it gives you the opportunity to use up lots of small scraps.  You can do all three scoops of ice cream the same or have one chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla like I did.  Or you can get more creative with it!  Do what you love.

I haven’t had a chance to put my sewing machine together, so I will be stitching mine down and adding the finished photo soon.  It’s crazy how much the black stitching changes the look of the block, isn’t it?  It adds a cute, hand drawn look that I can’t get enough of.

What You Need:


Step One:  Choose fabric, add Heat-N-Bond, cut pieces and press to background fabric.

Yeah, that’s a lot of steps in step one!  But if you’ve made it this far, you know the drill.  This is as far as I’ve gotten at the moment I’m typing this (so much for staying way ahead on this thing!) but I should have all the stitching done by tomorrow.  And hey, maybe I’ll actually take a picture when there is actual daylight!  Woohoo.  Here’s what it’ll look like after Step One is complete:


Step Two:  Top stitch with black thread, tying off loose ends at the back side of the block.

I like to begin with the base of the bowl and work my way up, doing two laps around each object, not worrying too much if things are aligned perfectly.  This step is worth all the turning and foot-lifting because the end result is always so adorable!  I’m off to plug in my new cute sewing machine and start stitching.  I decided to go ahead and post this so that anyone wondering what’s been up can get started, too!  I’ll be back soon, happy sewing!  🙂

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    1. It just depends, if you are able to slow the speed setting on your machine it really helps as you learn to control the machine through lots of little curves and turns. Stopping with your needle down is a great way to keep things from shifting when you need to reposition your hands a lot. The Heat-N-Bond holds everything in place, though, which helps a lot. It’s a quick process once you’ve tried it and realize it is much easier than you think! If you try it and have any trouble, feel free to email me at and I’d be glad to help out.

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