Adding With Zeros: A Free Kindergarten Homeschool Worksheet

The first year homeschooling… ah, how I hope I can look back on this year someday and say it gets easier.  Everyone says it will -and logically I know it will- but it’s hard to believe it sometimes!  My children are 5, 4 and 2.5 and I’m 16 weeks into my fifth pregnancy.  My daily attire frequently consists of a $5 nightgown I tossed into the cart, laughing that I would probably never use it but “oh well, it’s cheap” last year.  I love homeschooling but sheesh, the hard days are HARD.  I originally purchased the Rod and Staff full Kindergarten curriculum (labeled Grade 1) and alllllll the extras only to find that my daughter was bored… very bored.  I tried skipping ahead, I tried supplementing with ideas I made up or found online but the reality was that it simply was not working for us.  What a bummer.  Yeah, it’s a newbie thing to purchase the whole curriculum brand new but we were going through a hard time emotionally at that time and I just wanted things to be simple.  I did lots of research and read lots of reviews and blogs and made my decision -and dropped $379 on something I shouldn’t have.

I can’t say the mistake is totally avoidable but I don’t think I’ll be making it to that extent again.  So, three months in, I purchased the Kindergarten My Father’s World Curriculum and was yet again disappointed in some of the methods used to teach simple things.  I know there is no perfect curriculum out there, so when my daughter struggled with addition, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a very simple, slightly repetitive way to teach her this easy math.

Rather than throwing the addition of zero and one in together and mixing them all up, I decided to begin with just the addition of zero, and add zero to each number in numerical order; therefore teaching a new idea while reinforcing an old one (numerical order) at the same time.  Too many variables for a child who may not be confident with their new skills can be overwhelming and cause a child to shut down.

As soon as we used this method, my daughter picked it up and flew through it.  Actually, she was singing each problem and really having fun!  I’m sure there are many great methods for teaching this, but this is what worked for us so I wanted to offer it here for anyone else looking for something nice and simple to use with their child.  The download is a set of two worksheets, both very simple.  Instructions are on the top of each page.  On page one, we will add zero to numbers 0 through 10.  On the second page, we will add zero to numbers 11 through 20.  Each week I hope to add new addition worksheets for each new number we are learning to add (1, 2 and so on) so be on the lookout!

You can get the free worksheets by clicking HERE.

I hope you and your child enjoy them!


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