Hey, I’m Kylie.  Thanks for stopping by!

This is where I get to share little bits of my life with you, whether you’re a wife and mom, a homeschooler, a crafter, quilter or a newbie sewist (appears to be much cuter than sewer, doesn’t it?) there’s a little something here for you.


Our kids are ages (almost) 3, 4 and 5 and I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant.  Life is cray cray and we like it that way.  I began homeschooling my 5 year old last August and it just didn’t seem to work out.  We literally went through two curricula and I spent countless hours online trying to figure out why my smart and mature daughter didn’t seem to truly care one bit about most of her schooling.  I considered sending her to public school more than once and was prepared to tour the school that is in our district after a seriously hard week.  I knew I would be going against God’s calling for our family so I didn’t follow through, but then I went into full-fledged wingin’ it mode.  Hello disorganization.  Eventually I heard about Charlotte Mason and I’m currently reading For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  What a game changer.  The confusion and frustrations I have felt with the very public school-like ideals and curriculum I’ve encountered so far are fading away.  I’m not having anxiety about it anymore.  I finally have a real plan and can go about teaching my daughter in a way that actually works.  What a blessing.

Quilting, crafting and making messes is my thing.  I asked my husband to build me an 8 foot dining room farm table and guess what?  There’s currently no room to sit a plate.  (Technically I crammed a bunch of stuff and made room earlier but still).  Wool felt, a canvas Oakley (my daughter) and I painted this morning, paints, fabric, more fabric and a sewing machine.  The table decor is somewhere under there.  I go on streaks of keeping all my stuff in the basement and having actual dining space in my dining room and then BAM I have a creative outburst and people are wading through my creations.  The stairs are hard on my body (pregnancy number 5 here) so I guess I have an excuse for now.

I drive a mini van full of car seats and booster seats and I try and buckle the kids in fast so the door isn’t hanging wide open for long.  I’ll let you guess why.  My favorite outfit is a baggy pair of sweats and whatever loose t-shirt I can get my hands on.  (This is definitely my least glamorous pregnancy).  I do put on real clothes when I have to go in public, though, so that’s still a win.  I hope you like what you find here.  If you don’t… well, there are lots of other cool blogs out there.  Keep on searchin’.  There’s something out there for everyone.

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– Kylie