White Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Oreos & White Chocolate Covered Strawberries… An Easy Dessert the Kids Can Help With!

I’ve been surprised with how few my cravings have been with this pregnancy.  I’ve had an aversion to more things than I’ve craved but when I do crave things, I crave them like crazy.  Yesterday when I took a nap I dreamed about cake pops  and white chocolate covered EVERYTHING.  Oreos with peanut butter in the middle, covered in white chocolate were the main event.  Now, I’ve had a lot of weird dreams while I’ve been pregnant each time (I don’t dream often when I’m not) but this one was definitely craving-induced and cringeworthy-weird.  A groovy 70’s colored background, complete with kaleidoscope moving dots and flowers and a cake pop off to the left.  Closest to me was a big oreo with peanut butter slapped in the center, white chocolate being poured over the top with a popsicle stick in the center.  I woke up and went straight for the kitchen cabinets, stomping through the toys and clothes and food the kids had thrown around while I tried to rest.  I couldn’t have cared less about all that!

White Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Oreos & White Chocolate Covered Strawberries… An Easy Dessert the Kids Can Help With!


My husband was headed out the door with the boys to get some wood and stain at the home improvement store, so Oakley and I had free range in the kitchen and NO crazy hands to keep out of our work!  So perfect.  I snapped a few pictures as we made these, but they’re so easy they don’t need much explanation at all.

Why We Love These

Not only are they quick, cheap and easy to make but they are just SO good.  The peanut butter  adds such great balance to the sweetness of the Oreos and white chocolate, as do the strawberries.  Yum!


What You Need



Peanut Butter

White Chocolate for Melting

Chocolate Milk Mix Powder or Sprinkles


Step One

Carefully twist open the Oreos and spread peanut butter over the center filling.  Close it back up.  Do this for all the Oreos.


Step Two

Melt the white chocolate according to package directions.  Dip each one into the white chocolate one side at a time.  Sprinkle the chocolate milk mix powder on top while it’s still wet/melted.  Lay out on wax paper and allow to dry before doing the second side.  Dip a few strawberries in the left over white chocolate and sprinkle them with the powder, too.  Why not?!


If it’s a hot day and the chocolate is taking a bit longer than you expected to harden, pop them into the freezer for just a few minutes.  Ta da!


These don’t last long around here so I only make one row of the Oreo package at a time because I’m not sure we could resist the temptation to totally pig out!  Store any extra strawberries in the fridge and the cookies should be kept in a zip lock bag.  Who actually has extras, though?  Not us!


Block 1: Sweet Treats Quilt Along – Ice Cream Cuties

Hey everyone.  Thank God it’s Friday!  We can finally get going with block one of the Sweet Treats QAL.  I’m a midnight maker, so my pictures are pretty dull and dark so you’ll have to forgive.  However, they do get the point across, and that’s what matters most!


Getting Started

1. Download the templates HERE.

2. Grab your Heat-N-Bond, one 12 inch square for background fabric, some scraps and your black – or navy/black 😉 – thread.

3. Decide if you want to add any faces and choose embroidery thread if you do.  You can see all the detailed startup information on the original post, HERE.

4.  Read through the entire post and decide for yourself if you want to follow the instructions on the Heat-N-Bond package or do it like I did.  This isn’t my favorite method, but a good thing to know if you cut your fabric pieces before attaching Heat-N-Bond.


Step One:  Choosing, Cutting and Preparing Your Fabric.

In this quilt block, there are 6 scoops of ice cream.  I chose to go with a soft rainbow palette, however you may do anything you’d like with it.  Here are a few other ideas:

  • 2 vanilla, 2 strawberry and 2 chocolate scoops
  • Monochrome palette (low volume, etc.)
  • Sherbet colors and small scale fruit prints

My rainbow palette in the sample block contained the following colors:  yellow, orange, dusty pink, purple, blue and green.  I used a solid red for the cherry and my bowl fabric is the gray/brown text fabric shown below.

After you’ve chosen your fabric, be sure to print out the template download page.  On this page, you will find the ice cream scoop, bowl/pedestal, cherry and stem and face templates.

Cut out the templates carefully and save the face and cherry stem templates.

Now cut out your fabric!  Be sure to read the notes on the template download to know what part is what.  I chose to trim the vertical half of the bowl pedestal to be a bit shorter.  You may want yours to be longer and that’s just fine!

I couldn’t resist throwing it all together for a sneak peek at what it will look like!  Make sure you play with color layout now, because once we add Heat-N-Bond to the mix, it’s stuck there.

Now, choose which scoops you’d like to add faces to, if any.  I chose to add faces to two of them.  Using a pencil and the face template, trace the eyes, mouth and cheeks onto your ice cream scoops.  I always draw pretty heavily with my pencil but you can definitely do this with less pressure and have less risk of marks showing up around the outside of your embroidery stitching.

Ta-daaaa!  We’re finished with Step One.  Isn’t it adorable?!

Step Two:  Attach the Fabric to Heat-N-Bond

If you followed the Heat-N-Bond package, you can skim over this part.

Unroll a bit of your Heat-N-Bond and lay it out sticky (textured) side up.  I like to lay mine on an ugly old rag towel to protect my ironing board from any stray bits of adhesive, so you’ll be seeing lots of ugly towel in the next few pictures.  My apologies 😉

Lay every piece to your block EXCEPT the background square right side up on the Heat-N-Bond.  If you’re frugal like me, be sure that you don’t accidentally overlap any pieces while “frugally cramming” them.

It’s hard to be frugal with the real estate when you’re working with circles!  Now, cut a square of wax paper that will cover the entire area with an extra half inch all around.  Carefully use your iron to fuse these layers together.  Don’t panic!  The wax paper will cling to the Heat-N-Bond.  Now cut around the square of wax paper.  Cut out all your pieces and peel off the wax paper and the backing of the Heat-N-Bond.  The wax paper will come off pretty easily.


Step Three:  Attach Everything to the Background Square.

Be aware of layering and what objects need to be on the top and what ones should be on the bottom.  I’ll list the layers according to my own block below:

Layer 1:  Yellow scoop, vertical pedestal.  (I don’t add the vertical pedestal just yet, though).

Layer 2:  Orange and pink scoops.

Layer 3:  Green and purple scoops.

Layer 4:  Blue Scoop (slightly overlapping green and purple)

Layer 5:  Bowl, horizontal pedestal and cherry.

Scoot everything around and use a ruler to see that it’s centered.  You can measure, but I just eyeball it.  This quilt will have a hand drawn look to it, anyway right?

Once everything is in place -and you’ve triple checked that your layers make sense- press with your iron to activate the adhesive.  Now all your pieces are permanently stuck to your background square and oh, so easy to work with in the next step!


Step Four:  Start Stitching!

The fun just keeps on comin’.  Raw edge appliqué is so exciting and spontaneous!  Now we will be adding our black stitching and you’ll see why I love this so much if you’ve never tried it before.  Be warned, it’s addictive 🙂 and you’ll be anxious for next week’s block.

Take a peek at the flow of one shape to another on your block.  Remember back in grade school when our art teachers made us draw things without lifting our pencils?  Well, it’s finally going to be useful in real life.  Woohoo!  If you’re still in touch with your old art teacher, make sure you let them know.  Use your finger to trace the images and find a path you like.  I began with the pedestal and stitched the entire bowl/pedestal as one piece without lifting my presser foot.

Stitch about 1/8″ away from the edge of the fabric.  After a few stitches, I pull my threads to the back of the block and tie them off, then trim.  I don’t like to backstitch because it looks bulky and distracts from the design in my opinion.

Once you make it back to your starting point, go around a second lap.  Don’t try to make the stitches overlap perfectly or it’ll lose that sketched look.  I’m pretty wild with it and I like it that way!  After you’ve finished your second lap for the section you’re working on, remove your block from your sewing machine and pull the final threads to the back.  Tie and trim them as well.

I stitched each of the ice cream scoops individually, as well as the cherry.


Step Five:  Hand Embroidery for Eyes, Smiles, Cheeks and the Cherry Stem.

From your 6 strand embroidery floss, pull just one strand.  Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.  For the eyes and cheeks, I used a satin stitch.  Imagine a line going across the horizontal diameter of the eye circle.  Bring your needle up from the back through the left side of the eye, as shown below.  Ouch!

Push your needle through the back on the right side of the eye.  Repeat this process above then below that line, making shorter stitches as you move away from the center so that the eye takes a round shape.  You’ll repeat this for the other eye and both cheeks.

For the smile, we are going to backstitch.  Shorter stitches are best so that they are less likely to snag.  Bring your needle up through the smile, about 1/16 – 1/8″ from the left edge.  Push the needle down again at the far left edge of the smile, creating a back stitch.  Repeat this process for the whole smile.

Don’t forget to switch to your cheek color or your ice cream scoop will look like a happy spider.  Stitch the cherry stem and YOU ARE DONE!  Now give yourself a high five because your block is stinking cute.

Don’t forget to post your pictures under the hashtag #SweetTreatsQAL.  This is how you’ll be entered into the prize drawing at the end!  So naturally, the more you post, the higher your chances are.  And if no one ever posts, I’m buying myself a darn nice prize at the end! 😉

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or send a Direct Message to me @aperseveringmom on Instagram.  Thanks a bunch and happy stitching!

P.S. A little sneak peek of what’s coming next week will be included at the end of each block post!  Block 2 is adorable and nostalgic…


#SweetTreatsQAL: Information & Fabric Requirements

I’m so excited to finally share with you what I have been working so hard on.  Drumroll, please… This Friday, I’ll be starting the #SweetTreatsQAL!  I hope you join me for some simple, quick and super cute quilty fun.


It all started with a pair of undies.  Yep, my 5 year old daughter, Oakley’s undies to be exact.  A pair she has had a little too long but they’re her favorites, so what can a mom do?  (You know, aside from make them disappear in the middle of the night……..)

Anyway, she has these cute ice cream undies that made me think about a cute ice cream quilt block.  So I sketched up something a bit more interesting, topped it with a cherry and grabbed some Heat-N-Bond.  Woohoo!

Although this isn’t your typical back story on a quilt-along, it is going to make for some serious fun over the next 12 weeks.  (P.S. I’m way ahead of you and oh so tempted to post pics!  But I won’t.)  With each weekly block post I will give you a hint of what’s waiting for you in the next week 🙂

The Basics

  • Every Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. EST  I will post the new block.  Please subscribe to my blog by email in the right sidebar so that you do not miss out.  We will be making a total of 12 blocks over the course of 12 weeks.  Mine will be finished way ahead of time and I just might eventually post a sneakity peek or two if you’re lucky 😉
  • Every block will be a sweet treat, hence the name Sweet Treats QAL!
  • This Friday’s post will be a bit more in-depth than the rest since every block is raw-edge appliqué and the techniques will usually be the same.
  • Each week I’ll write a post that includes pics and any necessary additional information to complete the block.
  • This is a free quilt-along, however I still ask that you do not share my pattern downloads.  Please send your friends to my site to get them started!  I work hard to make these tutorials and templates so that I can share them right here with you.
  • Tag your Instagram pictures with #SweetTreatsQAL I would love to see everything from fabric pulls, cut pieces and of course, a finished block!  At the end of this QAL, there will be a prize drawing for participants (even those who are not finished are going to be entered).  I haven’t quite decided on a prize, but it’ll be gooooood 😉

Join the Facebook Group

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Fabric Requirements

For this quilt, you will need the following:

1.5 Yards Background Fabric (or 12 total 12″ squares)

Scraps for the Blocks (use what you’ve got!)

Black Thread (Don’t tell anyone… but I sent my husband to Wal-Mart for some emergency black thread and he came back with navy blue/black.  My sweet husband actually does things like this for me with no gripes, so there’s no way I’m going to make him feel bad!  🙂 Who can tell, anyway?)

Heat-N-Bond Sewable do not buy the no-sew!  Mine came in a 5.25 yard package, you won’t need more than that.

Wax Paper optional, only needed if you’re going to break the rules on the Heat-N-Bond package like I do.

Starch also optional

Embroidery thread I will be using 6-strand DMC floss in 3824 (peachy pink) and 310 (black) for the majority of this quilt.  Feel free to use any color you like or skip it completely if that’s your style.  I will also be separating one strand from the group of six to create a less bulky set of stitches.  This will mean your embroidery is less likely to snag and be pulled loose while your quilt is being washed and loved.

Sewing machine, scissors, iron, yada yada yada.  You know the drill.

Sashing and border requirements will be posted at a later date.  Multiple options will be discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the pattern exactly?  This is your quilt.  If you want to get whacky with it, then please do!  Make something you love and you’ll have the most fun.  If you want to add glasses to one of the faces, go for it.  If you don’t want any faces at all, leave them out.  If you want to give one of the ice cream scoops in week one a funky fro, have at it.  Anything goes here!

Can I use one of these blocks in a quilting bee or block swap?  Umm, yes!  All I require is that you share my website/post link and NOT the download.

Can I make a mini quilt for a swap from these patterns?  Of course!

Can I make handmade products to sell from these patterns?  If you’re interested in making handmade items to sell from these patterns, please send an email to aperseveringmom@gmail.com so we can talk!  I promise I don’t bite (or send mean emails).

Don’t forget to subscribe and grab a button at the right sidebar near the top!  Copy and paste onto your own blog.

Get your supplies together, I’ll see you this Friday!

xoxo — Kylie

Addition & Subtraction Practice With Beans (a fun way to learn!)

Visual and tactile learners often struggle with concepts that haven’t been demonstrated in a real-life way.  Being a visual/tactile learner myself, I know all about it.  My daughter, of course, takes after me in this way which means I have the opportunity to get creative with our learning all the time!  Today’s worksheet isn’t exactly a new or creative idea, however it is a great way for kids to learn addition and subtraction.

What You Need

  • Printer, paper and this FREE DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET
  • Beans or some other small counting unit (as always, keep an eye on kids and be sure nothing goes in their mouth)
  • Your little cutie, ready to learn!

Getting Started

Only set out about 20-30 beans at a time, depending on how large the numbers are that you are working with.  Instructions for both the addition sheet and the subtraction sheet are written at the top of the page, however you can get as creative with this as you want!  Explore fact families once your little one has addition and subtraction down, for example.

This is such a simple way to learn addition and subtraction.  Use mini marshmallows or jelly beans so your child has a sweet treat for a reward once they’ve completed their work!

Once she’s got the beans all in place, have your child state the solved equation out loud.  “One plus two equals three,” while pointing to each portion of the equation as she says it.  Help her realize that in an equation, we want each side of the equal sign (=) to be the same.  Taking a trip to a park with teeter totters and a couple small weights would be great another way to reinforce this idea.

Our Experiences

Oakley loved adding with beans and was able to see addition at work in real life.  Because she is very artistic, it helps for her to jump in with both hands and give it a whirl!  We are focusing on addition for now, but the subtraction sheet is included in the same download.  Even the boys were jumping in and requested their own sheets!  They had fun making groups of beans in the boxes even though they aren’t quite ready to learn addition (yet!).  I plan to laminate these sheets so we can use them over and over without printing out new pages each time.

For Younger Siblings Who Want To Play Along

Print off another sheet for a younger sibling who is eager to participate but not quite ready for the concept of addition.  Place one bean in the first box and ask them to add one bean to the rest of the boxes on the sheet.  Once they have completed it, congratulate them (of course!) and wipe the sheet clean.  Continue on with two beans in each box, etc.

Extra Tips

If your child is having trouble understanding that the first two boxes are combined, push both groups together between the boxes, right over the plus sign to form one group.  Have them count the new group to get the answer, then add that many new beans to the answer box.

If your child is putting the objects into his or her mouth and posing a safety hazard, remove all objects from their reach.  Take out three full sized sheets of paper and arrange them on the table just as the boxes are on the sheet.  On two small squares of paper, write a plus sign on one and an equals sign on the other.  Place them between the full sheet boxes to form a giant blank equation.  Use crayons or pencils to add instead.

I hope that you’re able to use the worksheets and ideas I share here to help your homeschool or public school child learn these concepts in a fun way, as they have helped my daughter.  As always, thanks for stopping by!

~ Kylie

StartupCamp – A Year Committed to Making Our Business Dreams Happen

This girl has always had dreams.  Dreams and lots of ideas and passions that have come and gone.  And that means I’ve wasted a lot of time chasing after things I thought I wanted but really didn’t, and chasing after the things I truly did want in all the wrong ways.  This year, my husband and I decided that if we are going to do this, we must do it right; and that’s where StartupCamp came in.

I’ve been a fan of Dale Partridge’s work for a couple years now and really enjoy following his Instagram account where he posts daily food for thought (search the hashtag #daleywisdom).  He is an entrepreneurial role model and a great influence on young men today.  He has written several books, one of which my husband and I read together through the month of January called 21 Days To Finding Your Calling.  Yes, we had the for him/for her set and usually sat silently together, reading in the early morning before discussing the topic of the day and it’s following questions.  Many of the quotes included in the book were just awesome; total game-changers for the way we had previously been thinking.

Once we finished our 21 days, we really felt ready to start moving forward with our dreams and not just doing something to make them happen, but doing the right things.  I got an email soon after advertising a free class Dale was putting on, so naturally I signed my husband up and sat beside him while we took in all the information we could.  When it was over, we sat in silence for a while before I prodded at him to tell me what he was thinking… just say something, honey!  Honestly, he wasn’t ready.  He is the calculated logical thinker who never does anything impulsively and always weighs his options heavily before moving forward with anything.  I’m talking data sheets, projected costs/income/supplies needed, you name it, he has it in his equation.  No emotional attachment either way, just whichever option works best.  I, however, am just the opposite.  Surprise, right?  So I continued dreaming and listening to podcasts while he was at work and prayed that God would prepare his heart if this was what He wanted for us.

You see, my dream has always been for us to have a business together.  Together is my favorite word 🙂  My husband, Trevor, is my favorite guy in the world.  He’s my best friend and the only person who has ever known me so deeply.  If I said he “gets me” I’d be lying, honest to God we don’t quite get each other and our sixth anniversary is on its way this year.  We don’t get each other and if we did, well, we wouldn’t be as fun.  So anyway, he knows me but doesn’t “get me” in ways.  He knows what I will probably do in certain situations (and by certain I mean certain, because like I said, I’m spontaneous, impulsive, emotionally-driven and he is just the opposite) but he doesn’t quite understand why, I’m sure.  Just like I don’t quite understand why he can’t just take the leap and do something crazy… but we can count on each other to bring balance to our process and that’s exactly what we need.

The next evening after listening to a really great podcast by Dale Partridge, I asked Trevor listen to it, too, hoping he would be influenced in a positive way and desire to know more about starting a business.  To my surprise, it happened.  All the sudden, he was asking me what I thought we should do to get started.  Of course, he had to examine my suggestion thoroughly and listen to the intro without anyone else around (umm… well, I won’t deny that I’m chatty so I excuse myself from the room when needed).  As soon as the intro was over, he was in.

Seriously?!  It was all the sudden happening, after years of me talking in one ear and out the other at him.  Instead of an “oh, yeah, that’s a nice idea” and a quick bee line for the bathroom or garage.  So we made the leap and signed up for StartupCamp.  If you take one of Dale’s free monthly classes, you’ll receive a deal on the full class so I highly recommend it!  We are on the monthly plan, which means we can’t work ahead, but you can definitely pay the full amount upfront and work at your own pace.  We are okay with the monthly pace because someone… okay, I… have a tendency to go 200% after something until I am completely burnt out.  A struggle I am tackling this year, for sure!

Month one was simple but awesome.  We were required to read REWORK by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson which was hilarious to my husband, who actually read the whole thing aloud while I messed with my Etsy shop logo.  We finished the book in two evenings and Trevor was eager to start reading something else, so I dug through a stack of business-related books I bought a few years ago from Dave Ramsey’s website… ya know, while skipping my college classes.  Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander was short and supposed to be funny, though I never read it to find out for myself.  Trevor snatched it up and read it aloud, too.  He thought it was funny and I enjoyed listening to him read.  We were determined to rid our lives of all our “cow” mannerisms and charge after things we want with purpose.  We wrote up our business ideas, our vision and mission statements.  We considered charities we would like to contribute to and I learned something about my husband that I didn’t know before:  He really wants to find a way to help the homeless.  I’ve always dreamed of having a prison ministry and donating to programs like Hope for Justice.  We signed our commitment papers and anxiously awaited the next month’s materials!

While we waited, Trevor began reading a book on money by Dave Ramsey and I ordered 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz.  We were finally charged last night for month 2 (yay!) and my 5 habits book arrived today from Amazon.  Since Trevor works so much this week, it’s a great opportunity to get my reading done while I wait for him to be home so we can get started on this month’s tasks for StartupCamp.  Of course, you’ll be hearing all about that when we are finished!

If you’d like to see Dale’s e-course StartupCamp, just click the link and you’ll be directed there!  I highly recommend it.

Simple & Savory Shredded BBQ Chicken

Simple meals that don’t lack in flavor are my favorite kinda meals.  When I get to throw them into the crock pot and forget about them?  I love them even more.  Enter the Simple & Savory Shredded BBQ Chicken.  This is my favorite way to make shredded BBQ chicken, so I figured I’d share it with you!

We usually make a large amount and toss some into a plastic dish to freeze.  This makes a GREAT freezer meal.  When it’s time to reheat, throw it into a sauce pan with a little water (about a tablespoon) and cover it with a lid.  Heat over medium heat and stir as you’re able.  Once it has heated throughout, it’s ready to eat again!

Simple & Savory Shredded BBQ Chicken

Notes before beginning:

  • Always make sure your chicken reaches a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before deciding it is done.
  • If you don’t have soy sauce, use Worcestershire sauce instead.  I swap them out once in a while and love it both ways!
  • Dark brown sugar will have a stronger taste than light brown sugar.  I use whatever one I have on hand, but we usually prefer the dark if we have the option.  Try it out and see what one your family likes best!
  • Keep some extra barbecue sauce on hand for when you reheat the BBQ after freezing.
  • Don’t trim the chicken breasts.  Leave the fat and just toss them straight out of the package and into the crock pot.  I NEVER leave the fat any other time, but trust me, just leave it.
  • When cooking chicken in the crock pot, rule of thumb for cooking on High is 4-6 hours.  When we shred it at hour 3, the thin shreds of chicken are able to cook faster than the thick pieces, so I only leave it in for one more hour from the time I have put the lid back on after shredding the meat.
  • If you want to cook it overnight, you need to cook it on Low for 6-8 hours.  Leave the lid closed until the 5th hour, shred the chicken, and allow to cook at least another hour.  Be mindful of what time you start it, because you just might have to wake up at 4 am if you aren’t!

What you need:

6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, fresh, not frozen

1/2 cup brown sugar (I use whatever I’ve got, dark or light works)

1/3 cup soy sauce (use a 1/4 cup if you’re weary of the salt)

1 bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce

How to make it:

  1.  Pour all the barbecue into the crock pot.  Turn it on High.
  2. Add in brown sugar and soy sauce, stirring until the consistency is smooth.
  3. Lay all 6 chicken breasts into the barbecue mixture.  Use the spoon to make sure there is barbecue between the layers of meat and over top as well.
  4. Cook on High for 3 hours.  Do not open the lid during this time.  After 3 hours, remove the lid and use a hand mixer with it’s regular mixing attachments to shred the chicken on the LOWEST SPEED.  Do not go any faster than that.
  5. Once the chicken is shredded well, return the lid and allow the chicken to cook another hour.  You’ll see it boiling when it is done and ready to go.  (It will cook quickly once it is shredded, but always check the temperature of your food before deciding it is done).

This Simple & Savory Shredded BBQ Chicken is extremely simple and easy to make.  We have it a couple times a month and it never lasts long!  Eat it just as it is or with a bun and a pickle.  I’ll be posting more of my favorite go-to meals for those days I just need something that doesn’t involve a lot of work!


Buck Head Plaid Printable Boys’ Decor

Hey all!  I drew this buck head plaid printable set for my boys’  room after making the buck head floral prints for the girls’ room.  Their room is in serious need of a makeover as well!  I’ll be updating the girls’ room printables tomorrow to have four coordinating color options and to be plaid as well, but in girly colors and without flowers.  Anyway, I’ve got four different colors here for you to choose from and I love each of them equally much as the others!  Below are your options, and each is a separate download.

Dark gray, white, blue and red plaid are the colors I chose.  They’re shown in my mockup wooden frame.

They are suitable for printing on an 8 x 10 inch photo paper OR what I recommend, having them printed at a print shop or photo development center like CVS or Walmart.

Buck Head Plaid Printable Boys’ Decor

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Dark Gray print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the White print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Blue Print HERE.

Buck Head Plaid Printable

Download the Red Print HERE.

These colors are really great and my boys and husband like them, too!  I’m going to grab some cheap black frames and frame each one of these for their room.  Maybe have them matted as well, just depends on what strikes me at the time!  I’ll be printing these through Shutterfly.  I’d love to paint their a warm, rustic gray and replace the carpets in their room with something denser and softer.  My husband plans to build them a bunk bed this year and I would love to carry this theme throughout the room.  Our house has always been a mix of things that people bought for us when we to married and (mostly) things people gave to us that they didn’t want anymore!  How do you plan to use these printables?

Short and simple post today!  Have fun and start decorating with your new buck head plaid printable!  🙂

Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial – Part 1: Piecing the Blocks

I snatched up this gorgeous Antique Flower in Pastel Jelly Roll from Vintage Fairytale Fabrics on Etsy during their 40% off sale, which is still going on!  Use the code NEWYEAR40 for 40% off your total purchase!

Lecien jelly rolls have 42 strips, whereas other companies like Moda, for example, only have 40.  This tutorial works for either!  You can see what jelly rolls are available for 40% off HERE.

Materials Needed for Part 1:

1 Jelly Roll

1/4 yard fabric for block centers

Thread, sewing machine, etc.

We will be making a total of 42 six inch finished quilt blocks for this quilt.  

Step 1:  Cut out 42 total 2.5 inch squares from the fabric for block centers.

Step 2:  Open one jelly roll strip, right side facing up.  Lay one 2.5 inch square right side down on top.  Sew along the right side with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  (see below)

Step 3:  Cut the excess jelly roll strip from the top and bottom.  Discard the selvedge piece and we will continue to work with the rest of the strip.

Step 4:  Press toward the newest piece you’ve added (the center will always be your beginning piece).  Press away from the center, toward the new piece as shown below.

Step 5:  Again, lay your jelly roll strip right side up and lay the piece you’ve just sewn right side down on top of it, aligning the edges with the top and sides of the jelly strip.  Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Trim away the excess jelly strip at the bottom and press toward the newest piece.

Step 6:  Sew the final side on repeating the same process.  Lay your strip right side up and the block right side down, sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, trim and press toward the newest piece.  Your block will look like this:

Repeat this process with each strip and block pair.  If you have a Moda or other company jelly roll that only has 40 strips, just reuse two of the excess strips from previous blocks for your final two blocks, for a total of 42 blocks.  Your blocks should measure about 6.5 inches unfinished.  Don’t worry if some (or all) aren’t perfect.  Practice makes perfect!  Or better, at least.  I’ve never made a perfect project!

In Part 2 we will talk setting these blocks on point!  This will add a lot of length and width to this quilt top and make it a great sized throw quilt.  I’ve got to have this thing totally finished by February 1 for my parents’ 25th Anniversary gift (okay, so maybe this is more for my mom since I don’t have guy-ish fabric), so Part 2 will be up soon!  Tomorrow will be cutting day.

Doris, A Farmer’s Wife Quilt Block – Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along

After owning the book for nearly a year now, I’ve finally begun to make the Farmer’s Wife Quilt.  My friend Staci and I are quilting along together but choosing whatever block we like.  Each Saturday we will be posting the block we made during the week… some weeks we may not get to it and others we may make more than one.  Anyone is welcome to join in, it’s very laid back to fit our busy mama lifestyle.

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt

Inspiring letters from farm women of the Great Depression and 99 quilt blocks that honor them.

For this week, I decided to make the Doris block [29] found on page 90.  The design really stood out to me because I love stars.  I’m going with all Brenda Riddle fabrics for this quilt because I love the soft cottagey feel of her designs.  I want something light and beautiful.

With each block there is a letter that begins “Dear Editor”.  Each week I’ll include an excerpt of my favorite part of the letter.  This week, it’s pretty lengthy:

“When I see someone limping, too,

A bit worse than the way I do,

I think, ‘say, aren’t you grateful now,

That you walk fairly well, somehow?’

But as I further meditate,

I’m glad that God kept most folks straight,

So I can watch them go their way,

And try to stride like them someday.”

-Doris, Michigan – February 1933

It’s such a beautiful reminder to be grateful no matter my circumstances, because there’s always someone dealing with worse circumstances than I am.  When things are hard, we can look others and strive to better ourselves.

You can see Staci’s block HERE.  We’d love for you to join in, too!

You Are Loved Sweet One – Hedgehog Printable Nursery Decor

My kids and I think hedgehogs are adorable.  We almost got one as a “class pet” but it turns out they’re really expensive, at least around here.  We still love seeing an occasional picture of one and maybe someday we will have our own.  Maybe when the kids can take care of it themselves.

Either way, they’re cute little things, and so you can see the inspiration behind the next art print:

This is a great print for a nursery or a little girl’s room.  It is 8 inches by 10 inches and would be best printed on photo paper at a print shop.

You can download this print HERE.