Neptune & The Mermaid by TokyoMilk for Free Spirit Fabrics

Free Spirit recently sent out an email to retailers about a new collection called Neptune & the Mermaid.  Although I’m no longer a retailer, I still enjoy the sneak peeks and excitement of up-and-coming fabric collections.  Early this year, though, a particular collection stole my attention right away:  Neptune & The Mermaid by TokyoMilk. I’m … Read More

Banana Split – Block 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL Raw Edge Appliqué

Finally, finally, finally!  I can finally share block 8 for the Sweet Treats QAL.  Banana Split is the theme this (last) week, and I worked so hard to get it published before now.  BUT I ended up having to buy a new sewing machine which wasn’t in the plans for this month.  I worked really … Read More

Cotton Candy – Block 7 for the Sweet Treats Quilt Along

Block 7 for the Sweet Treats QAL is Cotton Candy!  I love cotton candy and am looking forward to the county fair this year so I can grab a big bag full of it.  It smells just as good as it tastes and the wispy texture makes me love it even more.  There is an embroidery … Read More

Birthday Activity Sheets – A PDF Download for Kids!

My baby girl is turning 6 this month.  6!  I mean, how did six years go by so quickly?  She’s my little helper and a mama’s dream.  I’m so thankful for her sweet little heart of gold every single day!  Since she loves to color and do fun activity sheets, I threw together a quick … Read More

Popsicles- Block 6 for the Sweet Treats QAL (beginner-friendly raw edge appliqué blocks)

Woohoo!  We’re halfway through the Sweet Treats QAL with block 6, the popsicles block.  With their size it seems to also be appropriate to call them suckers or lollipops (depending on where you’re from, I guess) but either way these are quick and easy.  You can choose a rainbow of colors and use up lots … Read More